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This website is exactly what it says on the tin…A blog based on Arsenal Football Club. There’s obviously a million of these out there, but why not voice my opinions too?!

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An Introduction

I guess the first place to start this page would be with an introduction as to who these articles are going to be written by. Well that’s me, Tom, I’m 21 and needed a hobby, that’s the truth of it all. Now I’m not the most social of 21-year-old men in the UK, or in the world in fact, but I can guarantee that I am one of the most avid football fans amongst the group of friends that I do have…and yes, I’m including my family in the phrase “group of friends”.

With this being said, I decided that I would start a blog, where I can moan, celebrate and discuss the almighty Arsenal FC. Almighty being the subjective word, dependent on our performances. I watch every game we play no matter what, even if I have to catch up on Match of the Day on Saturday’s or Sunday’s you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll know the ins and outs of the game our boys have just taken part in.

I don’t plan on writing posts based on our recent performances, at least for the time being anyway. I want this blog to be a place where I can rant to as many or as few people as possible. I want to talk about the history of the club…Not reflect on the history like the Liverpool bunch, but simply discuss what we had then and what we lack now, a comparison if you like. Oh, what’s that? Yes, you did see me take a dig at the Liverpool fans, but that’s the fun in being a football fan isn’t it? You can all have a bit of banter with each other and in the end, we all agree that we hate Tottenham (I’ll get to that in a post later down the line).

So, What Can You Expect?

The unexpected…Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the truth is that this is a blog about Arsenal Football Club, you can probably expect a lot of moaning, a lot of passion and a lot of appreciation for our club, all crammed into one place. Now would probably be the best time for me to make it clear that this blog isn’t going to be one that caters to all audiences, there will be some explicit language every now and then, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, but you know the drill…Arsenal win, I’m calm. Arsenal lose, f*** this.

My posts are mainly going to be discussing individual players, partnerships, the direction that our club is moving in and everything in between. I want to get into our transfer business too, as I’m over opinionated and need somewhere to document it all. Any of the “in the moment” thoughts will be documented on my Twitter page, which you’ll find a link to somewhere on this site. It’ll be prominent, don’t worry. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, I’m always open to any recommendations regarding my posts, so please do feel free to voice your opinions. I’m not saying that I’ll necessarily change my views on specific players or statements, but if your argument is valid, then I’m all ears.

Some Topics Of Discussion

"Let's Talk Players..."

In this section I’ll be talking about a specific player in each post. Whether it be a player that I find it hard to support, or a player that I can’t stop praising.

"Let's Talk Tactics..."

In this section I’ll be discussing my personal opinions on the way the team play. This will include formations & in game tactics used.

"Let's Talk History..."

In this section I’ll be talking about my personal favourite highlights from Arsenal’s past. Yes, there’ll be a lot of Thierry Henry, but what can you expect?!

Want To Discuss A Topic?

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