Let's Talk About...Aaron Ramsey

The Man, The Myth…

Today I’d like to talk about one of my favourite Arsenal players, who is sadly and regrettably leaving us at the end of the season, Aaron Ramsey. Now, when he first decided to join us from Cardiff way back when, I was only young myself. But, I seemed to take a liking to his style of play pretty instantly. Ducking and weaving through the challenges and bursting through on goal at every opportunity, but then putting his heart on the line at the back when we needed him…He seemed to offer us all we needed from a box-to-box midfielder. 

We did begin to notice a lack of goals from Aaron, something that we need from our midfielders and something that he’s picked up on in recent years. With the pressure piling on Aaron with the demand for goals and the fans getting on Arsene Wenger’s back to get the best out of him, we didn’t really know which way his career was going to go.

Then disaster struck, Stoke City away, Aaron picks up possession of the ball in our own half and seems to roll his ankle, no huge deal…Until SNAP! Ryan Shawcross slides in for a common tackle, only to completely snap the leg of Ramsey. It was a nightmare for all parties involved, not to mention Aaron himself! We thought his career would be over after such a horrific injury, and we seemed to forget about him whilst he was going through his long, vigorous rehab & training.

Injured For The Best?

So, set the scene…2014/15 season and Aaron Ramsey is welcomed back to the squad…and with a bang! He oozed class and was playing like a whole new person. Goals, assists, dedication to the cause, he had everything! His highest scoring season for Arsenal really backs up this point. Not to mention the winning goal in the FA Cup Final versus Hull City! He had the heart of a lion and wore it on his sleeve, as he continues to do to this date! 

But, now the season is coming to a close and so is Aaron’s career as an Arsenal player, he’s off to Juventus and I believe it’s one of the worst decisions we’ve ever made. We have a number of disposable players in our squad and I believe we should have given our all to ensure that he stayed at our club. Even if that meant upping his wages to the £400,000 per week that he was requesting! He’s an Arsenal lad and has been for the larger part of his career. He’s saved us time and time again in big games and never let us down when it mattered, not to mention the goals he scored against those who shall not be named (Spurs)…Nearly threw up.

A Sad Goodbye…

I think we should give Aaron Ramsey a proper send-off, one that he deserves. This man has given a large part of his life to the team and always shows his appreciation to the fans no matter what result we’ve suffered or achieved and now it’s time for us to return the favour. He’s an inspiration to our youth and should be looked up to as an Arsenal legend, 100%! To show our academy players that even when a potentially career-ending tackle sets you back, there is still hope and there is no reason why you can’t go on to achieve big things! Look at him now, next season he’ll be playing his National football alongside Gareth Bale and his club football next to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo…No biggy.

I’ll miss him at Arsenal, as will a number of our fans that could look past the few bad performances he put on. Which were few and far between at most!


Thank You, Aaron!